Trademark and Slogan Applications: IP Law amendments

Amendments to the Regulations of the Mexican Industrial Property Law Industrial Property Area:

Trademark and Slogan Applications Formal Requirements

Due to amendments to the Regulations of the Mexican Industrial Property Law in August 2011, the requirements for Trademark and Slogan applications have been modified as follows:

First Use Date in Connection with Location(s)
This amendment mentions that only if the mark has been used in Mexican Territory the address of an establishment, location or facility can be indicated. If the mark has not been used, no establishment(s) location or facility shall be indicated.

Configuration of Word Marks and Slogans
This amendment establishes that work mark(s) and slogans shall be composed only of words of letters corresponding to the Roman alphabet (A, B, C…), Arabic Numbering (1, 2, 3…), and orthographic symbols which help correctly read the mark ( – , . ‘ ¿? ¡! “ ” …). If marks include other symbols (& # @ \ + …) the Mexican IP Institute will require amending the mark to a Design Mark.

Priority Information on Initial Application will suffice
This amendment allows providing the priority document information [a) Country of Conventional Application, b) Serial Number and c) filing date d) Official Priority Payment] in the initial application, without requiring the submission of a Certified Copy of said original Conventional Application. Further formalities or clarifications in connection with the Priority Information may be required by the Mexican IP Institute, if any.